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    Well, my best find of the day was finding out I was in a winner in the Christmas raffle…bloomin marvelous. Many thanks Jonno and DMDC for my bottle of whiskey.
    As for the field finds, not such an outstanding day. I managed to root out 13 coins, but they were all copper, all in pretty poor condition and non were older than George III. My favourite artifact has to be the 7th Hussars badge. I haven’t found many military items to date so it was a nice thing to find. Too small to be a hat badge – maybe worn on a collar? Anyone know? Also cool to find the toy cannon. These were accurately modeled on a full size cannon and complete with fuse hole. They could be primed with gun powder, loaded with a shot and fired, (and you thought kids using catapults was a health n safety issue). Oldest item (maybe) was the pump clack. My second of the year but, along with palm guards, about as boring as lead artifacts can be. Still, it could date back to the 16th century according to the PAS, which dates them from 1500-1900. If I’ve whet your appetite for pump clacks, read more here: https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/790840

    OK Ray, so all my coins are 4 pointers I believe so no point in choosing a particular one. The pump clack is my nominated artifact…hard to date though. Could be 100 years old, could be 500 years old.


    john you get 4 for copper coin as for the pump clack i have found a few myself,they truly cannot be given a true date,i will meet you half way on this one and give 5 points,total 9 points,thanks for posting.


    Sounds fair to me Ray, cheers mate.


    a few years ago i found one the same as yours,i showed the farmer,he said it was from a stirrup pump they had in the farm yard from ww2,in case there was a fire in the barn.they had a few scattered around the farm,over the years i have had very good reason to doubt what some FLO say an item is,i have corrected a certain FLO on a few occasions,to be honest some of them are only interested if the item is gold or silver,one example was when enid found a commando knife,the blade was broken,i gave it to the FLO,she looked at it and said that is a nice 12th/13th century dagger,at the time there were about 6 other members of the club looking at the dagger,i knew what is was when enid found it,and it gave me great pleasure in correcting her,when i told her what it was,some of the guys there started to laugh and walked away,she was very embarrassed,since then i have lost faith in what some of them say
    regards ray


    Find from Hadley

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