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    Cheery Coons Club – The People, children’s club badge (1930’s)
    A membership badge from the Cheery Coons children’s club. The club was run by The People newspaper throughout the 1930’s and issued these badges in three different colours. The design was the same for each but with different enamel colours, what the significance of this was, I don’t know. This badge (orangey-yellow) is the most common variety.

    The badge shows Eb and Flo, who were twins with their own cartoon strip stories in The People and The Daily Herald newspapers during the 1920’s and 1930’s. They were drawn by British cartoonist Wilfred Haughton who is probably more well known for his illustrations in the Mickey Mouse Weekly comics during the 1930’s ( pluse a couple of buttons and an half penny

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    I doubt that they would get away with that club name today ?,nice find BTW,better than my 2p piece and mandatory button ?


    That is an interesting find! Thanks for sharing.


    a nice bit of history,look after it mate.

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