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    Double silver from 2h on my new permission today including a 1922 sixpence in a mole hill today – how cool is that?!…I wonder how deep the mole brought it up from?

    Other than that some more lead soldiers and a few other bits. It’s a good permission because there are lots of signals to chase. Only wish they were older than George V.


    Or come off it rocket man the mole found the silver, your taking advantage of his hard work looking for something to eat and claiming you dug it up, have you no compassion for the mole


    fancy robbin a poor blind mole, shame on you john


    You are both saft n daft !


    Looks to me you have a good permission rocket I like the soldiers something a bit different from all the hammered coins you find all the time ha ha


    Thank you…I think…whoever you are…Mr(s) Lurker. Its a bit naff init having discussion boards that don’t have the poster’s name

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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